About us

My name is Dany Champagne. What I do, an impeccable truck and trailer repair road service.

15 years of experience in heavy truck mechanics

Graduated in industrial mechanic at Centre de Formation professionnelle de la Pointe du Lac in 2001, I have worked on heavy goods vehicles since 2007 while involved in big fleet transportation companies at Transport BRS, Trans X and Real Transport. I am known as methodical, meticulous, recourceful and hard working and that reputation as a good mechanic allowed me to start my own business with loyal clients who recognized the value of working with the best mechanic in Valleyfield.

Being my own boss gives me the opportunity to do all precise adjustments needed to ensure a normal wear and tear of your vehicle and a longer durability for a repair that has not been done in a rush.

I use new and refurbished parts as you may decide what’s good for you. I know well parts providers in the region so you can be sure to get everything needed to fix your vehicle’s problem in a timely manner.

Pricing table

Independant from the costy banners that rely on their marketing efforts to ask for exorbitant prices (but send you any mechanic in hand), you can say that we are one of the cheapest truck mechanic, although the truck and trailer road service that we offer outstands most mechanics in Valleyfield. That is why we do not hesitate to share our price list online.

Emergency call : 80$
Labour costs: 90$/hr
Travelling: 1.20$/km

Normal Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7AM to 9PM
Road service available 24/7 outside normal business hours.